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Make exercise more enjoyable with the New Sole SR550 rower, featuring an ultra-smooth air and magnetic resistance motion to create a realistic ‘on the water’ sensation. Now upgraded with a 10.1 inch touch screen, built-in apps, and screen mirroring capabilities, this rower offers an immersive workout experience.

Powered by wireless technology, the SR550 includes resistance adjustments in the rower handlebar. This allows users to maintain workout intensity and adjust resistance without letting go of the handlebar. This is new technology only found on the Sole SR550.




The Screen & Console
Maximize your workouts with our large 10.1″ interactive touchscreen, preloaded with extra apps and mirror casting! Choose from an array of fitness programs, including MANUAL, DISTANCE, TIME, CALORIES, HIIT, CUSTOM, Fat Burn, Cardio, Strength, and GAME MODE


Intuitive App Connectivity

Enhance your fitness journey with SOLE’s cardio range, equipped with the latest Bluetooth® and FTMS protocol. Sync with SOLE+ for workout logs or compete digitally via Zwift® or Kinomap®. Plus, connect your GARMIN wearable to monitor key biodata, aiding in elevating your daily training performance!

Compatible Garmin wearables include: vívosmart®, vívoactíve®, vívomove®, vívosport®, Venu®, Forerunner®, Fēnix®, Instinct®, tactix®, MARQ®, Enduro™, Lily™.




The Sole SR550 introduces a unique feature, allowing you to adjust resistance directly from the rower’s handlebar. This innovative technology, exclusive to the Sole SR550, enables you to seamlessly manage your workout intensity and modify resistance without ever needing to release the handlebar.


The Sole SR550 isn’t just a piece of fitness equipment; it’s your partner in this exhilarating journey towards a healthier, stronger you. With the integration of the Sole+ app, your progress is tracked, celebrated, and utilized to propel you towards your next victory. So, step aboard the SR550, grasp the handlebars, and pull yourself not just through a powerful workout, but towards a new era of your fitness journey.




SOLE+ is your premier fitness companion within the SOLE fitness lineup, meticulously crafted to assist you in monitoring your fitness journey and achieving your goals. It features an intuitive interface, allowing you to effortlessly record and track your workout history and set personalized fitness objectives weekly, monthly, or annually. Additionally, SOLE+ integrates seamlessly with popular health and fitness apps such as Apple Health, Google Fit, Strava, and Fitbit, ensuring a smoother and more connected fitness experience.




Train with the world’s best instructors from the country’s top fitness studios. Our instructors will motivate and push you to your next personal best in running, cycling, boxing, rowing, and more.




You will never run into a dull moment. The videos on our SOLE+ app are engaging and encouraging to help you reach any fitness goal you have! Plus, with a diverse range of workouts and expert tips, you're always pushing your limits.




Our workouts are made for all levels and range from 10 minutes to 60 minutes. We utilize heart rate metrics and data from your equipment across all of our workouts to help you workout smarter.





Empower your fitness journey with the versatility of SOLE equipment, now enhanced with third-party app integrations! Dive into immersive training experiences with apps like Zwift, Kinomap, and GARMIN, transforming your indoor workouts into thrilling adventures and providing real-time, precise biometric data.

Zwift integration brings the excitement of varied virtual routes and structured workouts, adding a gaming element to keep you motivated. Kinomap offers a vast video library, allowing you to experience the thrill of outdoor exercise from your living room. And our collaboration with GARMIN lets you monitor key health metrics in real-time, optimizing your workout plan for peak performance.

With SOLE, you’re not just getting a workout; you’re exploring new worlds, conquering challenges, and surpassing your fitness goals.




  • Long aluminum rail that accommodates multiple users of varying heights
  • Pre-loaded workout routines – MANUAL, DISTANCE, TIME, CALORIES, HIIT, CUSTOM, Fat Burn, Cardio, Strength, and GAME MODE.
  • Supports up to 200 kgs user weight.
  • WI-FI Compatible
  • Bluetooth compatible.
  • Built-in HR Receiver
  • Screen Mirroring Capable

Sole Fitness SR550 Rower (Magnetic & Air Resistance)

  • Weight 57 kg
    Dimensions 135 × 48.2 × 185 cm
    • 16 Levels of Resistance
    • Handle Bar Control
    • Built-In Speakers
    • Adjustable Pedals & Heel Angles
    • Aluminium Rail
    • 10.1`` Touch Screen
    • Powered by Android
    • Built-in Entertainment Apps
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